Monument Builders logoRiverhill Monument Company is a member of Monument Builders of North America and Monument Builders of the Carolinas. Both of these organizations provide us education to insure that we have the knowledge to provide you with the finest materials manufactured with the latest technology. Ron Ledbetter served as president of Monument Builders of the Carolinas from 2005 to 2007. His wife Cathy served as president from 2008-2009.

Riverhill Monument Company is well respected by our peers in the memorial industry and by our customers both past and present. They have won numerous awards for their designs from Monument Builders of the Carolinas, for both public monuments and private memorials.

This area’s largest full service manufacturer of memorials.


It doesn’t matter how you refer to them – rocks, tombstones, markers, monuments, or memorials.
We Build Them With Love Because Someone Lived, Not Because Someone Died

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