Why Buy From Us

You are probably asking yourself, “What separates Riverhill from all the rest?”

That’s Simple!

We guarantee only the best.  Only time will tell if you spent your money wisely.  We never skimp on any of the above areas.  That being said, we are so confident in our work that we give you the above guarantee in writing.

A Word To The Wise:

  1. Never purchase a monument from a funeral home!  They know their business well, however selling monuments is only a side line for them, extra income.  That extra income comes from their mark up after purchasing your memorial for you.  Is this convenient? Yes.  Is it money wise? No.
  2. Never purchase your monument over the internet.  Again, this may be convenient, but you will never meet the person you are purchasing from.  You will pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for an inferior quality product.

Call your local monument company for the facts.  It is your money; spend it wisely.

At Riverhill Monument Company, you deal directly with the monument builder, with no middle man mark up, and we never sell monuments over the internet.  We sell and install monuments within 100 miles of Shelby.  If you are located out of our area, we will gladly recommend a reputable company to you which we respect.