Riverhill Monument Company provides all services necessary for memorialization. This includes everything from inscribing death dates to restoring cemeteries. This is because we are your full services monument company.

Monument Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair of stone statues and monuments is something we take very seriously. We take pride in helping communities, churches and cemeteries preserve the structural integrity and beauty of monuments that may have been hand engraved hundreds of years ago.

Monuments are designed to endure, but time and exposure to the elements do take a toll. Tending to small repairs and maintenance needs as they arise may increase the longevity of a structure. Riverhill Monuments is available for stone and monument restoration projects of all sizes regardless the age or need. Our dedicated staff take pride in their work and are committed to thorough and detailed restoration for all jobs.

Frequently requested stone repair and restoration services include cemetery restoration and/or headstone repair, mausoleum restoration, and statue repair and restoration.

We are trained professionals using proven products that restore the marker or monument.

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